The best laid plans

I have this problem. I make plans to try to narrow my gaming focus and it always goes awry. I have been trying, for several years, to clear out some of the mass of gaming material in my basement and no matter what I do it seems as if I always have the same amount. Whatever I get rid of I seem to replace.

Part of the problem is my inability to restrain myself when it comes to a new game. Actually that is partially true. I can restrain myself but I am such a total magpie when it comes to games and minis that even when I stop myself from playing 75% of the games I am interested in I still pick up a lot of new games.

So while I have managed to clear out my Land Ironclads and Aeronef figs, my War of the RIngs army, two Warmaster armies, a Hordes Circle force and most of a Cygnar army I have managed to bring in two GZG Full Thrust fleets, a Warhammer Chaos Daemons army and some Warmaster Ancients figures.

I am happy that at least one of my most recent fancies, Tomorrow’s War, will let me use some of the sci-fi figures and vehicles that I have had sitting around for some time. My GZG purchases can also be used for many different space combat rules so those are also a better purchase than miniatures for a single game.

But at some point you would think that I would be able to contain my impulsive nature and focus on one or two or at least a handful of games. Sadly this is not the case.

I’m trying to focus on the positive at the moment and at least be happy that I am getting my Pig Iron miniatures painted and that there are a lot of possible figures I can use to play AE Bounty as well.

I am also hoping that painting and using my 28mm Pig Iron figures will keep me form getting into 15mm sci-fi :-)


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  1. Having the same problem… I truly believe it comes with the hobby, once ou commit to several games it’s a lot more difficult to focus on a single project…


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