Being liberated from rules

I have in my possession a rather sizeable amount of painted 40K Space Marine models. Some have been painted by me, when I had a lot more time for that sort of thing, and some were painted by another gamer a long time ago. I also have some exceptionally well painted marine vehicles (very old-school third edition models).

Now the interesting part of this collection of minis is that they have been assembled according to the likes and needs of the people painting them and not according to any version of the 40K rules. So despite having a large number of Marines I can’t really make very many valid units in 40K. It also has an overabundance of command and specialist miniatures.

This has been a bit of a problem in the past until I realised that I didn’t want to use them to play 40K and that the system I did want to use, Tomorrow’s War, would let me build units and fireteams in any way I wanted. Not only that but I could forget GW’s fixation for close combat and build teams that made more sense to me. So I now have Bolter armed Assault Marines and I also plan to build some Devastator Marines with Jump Packs as well. Why wouldn’t you build a jump-capable Marine with a lascannon if you could?

Happily I don’t need a lot of Marine figures for Tomorrow’s War (Power Armour Veteran troops are very deadly) so I don’t need to build that many models to expand the few Marines I painted into a rather formidable force.

This also means that I can take the old 40K vehicles and repurpose them for Tomorrow’s War by adding some Pig Iron Productions vehicle crews and stowage to them to make them a bit more sci-fi looking. I have some of the Pig Iron Heavy Infantry and I plan to have them use the Marine vehicle necessitating a swap on some of the Marine crews that are currently on the vehicles.

It feels good to be able to reuse these minis and finally get some of those Marines I painted so long ago on the table.