Vehicle conversion

As mentioned earlier, I have a lot of very well painted 3rd edition 40K Marine vehicles. I picked these up in a deal I made a few years ago with a local gamer who was trying to get rid of his 40K collection. I sold off the Tallarn Desert Raider army he had, making back my investment, and then kept a hold of the Marines.

I had them due to my own interest in the vehicles and also because of my inability to sell the army. The vehicles are worth too much to repaint and the troops were really poorly painted. It was a wild army. Pro-painted, exceptional vehicles and then quickly painted Marines who didn’t really match the vehicles.

I got word today that my order of Pig Iron vehicle crews and stowage is on its way so I pulled out the vehicles in an attempt to start to remove the Marine figures from them to allow me to insert Pig Iron Heavy Infantry tank crews in them instead. This will primarily be for the Vindicator but I also want to add a few tank crew for the Rhinos so that I can use some of the extra weapons from my Wardroid kit to make the vehicles look a little more in sync with the Heavy Infantry.

The idea is that I will be making the Heavy Infantry figures into a highly mobile force with APCs and IFVs that allow them to rush into combat. This will contrast them nicely, I think, with the Kolony Militia who are going to be on foot or in the massive and slow Ironshield APCs