My new AE Bounty Pirates

I am going to be running a few demo games of AE Bounty at Strategies next week. I have some Painted Space Marines to be used as Bounty Hunters and some painted Void Viridian miniatures as Mercs. Yesterday I went to Strategies to pick up the new White Dwarf and it was filled with photos of the new Dark Eldar minis and I thought that the Kabalite Warriors would make great figures to use as a Pirate crew for Bounty.


Between the Warriors and the Wytches you have almost all the figs for a rather large Pirate band. Add a few mods to create the Quartermaster and toss in an Archon as the leader and you’re done.

Update: Did a check with the Bounty rules and the two boxes and an Archon will build almost any Pirate band for Bounty with a lot of spare parts for conversions.