UK Zombie Invasion

A parcel from Mantic Games arrived in the mail today with a Weird WWII German Zombies kit they created with Warlord Games. The parcel arrived in four days. People in the UK might complain about Royal Mail service but they can sure get parcels to Canada darned quick.

I’ve only had a quick look at the figures but both sets look quite good. Lots of detail on the Zombies and the Germans but it is immediately apparent that creating WWII zombies from the kits it going to be some work. I wasn’t going to pick these up as I wasn’t too interested in them until I saw some of the samples on the Mantic Games blog.

Oddly I only picked up a single set, not sure where my brain was, but I think these will make a great addition to the rank and file WWII zombie minis that I already have.