Progress update

Quite a lot going on at the moment but none of it is worth a blog post on its own.

I’ve finished the base coats on my GZG ScanFed spacecraft. I am not sure if I am going to do washes on them or just do highlights. The GZG website has a gallery of photos by Eric Laurent that really show off how well you can make these ships look with just some basic highlights. The Ravager gallery is especially inspiring. Although I suspect that Eric makes it look a lot easier than it really is.

I’ll be doing some tests with the light cruisers to see how it looks and then work on the larger vessels.

Tabletop Gaming News is running a new Battle Challenge that aims at getting people to finish an project that has been languishing on the workbench undone. For my challenge I am going to be finishing off my Pig Iron miniatures. I’ve broken the challenge into three stages to try to maximize my chances of completing it.

The challenge starts at the end of the month which means that I need to get my ScanFed fleet finished ASAP.