Old Crow vehicles arrive

The mailman dropped off a parcel from Old Crow Models today which contained my 28mm Sabre Heavy Tank and Slingshot Multi-Purpose AFV.

These are resin kits, with metal accessories, and the details on the kits are phenomenal. Along with Pig Iron Productions there are the crispest I have seen in a resin kit. Not only crisp but very precise. Some of the line and raised areas on the vehicles are actually quite small and make the kits look very realistic and very detailed.

I had to put them together right away and so I spent the afternoon building both kits. The metal barrels for the Slingshot were backordered so I had to build it without the gun barrels but both vehicles look great and the Sabre is an especially impressive tank when assembled. I am so utterly impressed with these vehicle kits that I will most certainly be getting some more in the future.

The Slinghsot was built buttoned up but I added a Pig Iron Heavy Infantry tank crewman to the Sabre.

I’ll add some photos of the kits in the next few days so you can see them next to some painted figures. I can’t wait to get these painted and on the table.