Pig Iron Kolony Winter Gear heads

This morning the postman dropped off a small envelope with the Pig Iron Productions Kolony Militia Winter Heads and Backpack and Pouches sprues.

I assembled a few figures that I had sitting aside unprimed that were waiting for these sprues so I could add some new heads and the backpacks. Here are a few quick photos.

The heads are, as you would expect from Pig Iron. They are distinctly Kolony Militia troops but wearing caps and winter hats. The heads make a nice change of pace from the helmeted troops.

The backpacks are thinner than some of the plastic Imperial Guard accessories you might find in the Cadian plastics and other sets. The scale of the Pig Iron figs is slightly smaller and so these look more realistic with less heft. I have some Imperial Guard radio sets on some of my other Kolony Militia and they look enormous.

These have a decent amount of detail without being too difficult to paint and the level of detail fits in well with the Militia minis.

While I am not intending to do so, these Winter heads would make the Kolony Militia perfect stand-ins for Imperial Guard Valhallan figures if you are so inclined.

I’m quite happy with these two sets of accessories and I can’t wait to see how these figs look painted with the other Kolony Militia.