Warmaster painting

I am taking a slight detour from my regular painting to try to quickly paint up some Warmaster miniatures to finish a Vampire Counts army.

Pawel and I are going to be getting together this coming weekend to play a modified game of Warmaster using our High Elf and Vampire Count armies. We are using the core Warmaster rules with the addition of a few rules from the Warmaster Ancients set. Specifically the limit on command and the single round of combat.

To my mind these two rules will fix most of the problems I have with Warmaster.

This Vampire Counts army is a painted force I picked up locally which came with a large number of unpainted blisters. Sadly the Grave Guard were the unpainted minis so in order to have a competitive army I need to speed paint some units of them. Hopefully I will have them ready for Sunday.