More loot arrives

While we out having Xmas in Vernon the mailman dropped by and left a parcel from Ground Zero Games and Hydra Miniatures. The GZG parcel was the second part of my order from their Xmas Special Offer and it weighed a heck of a lot. All those metal minis and vehicles really add up. The GZG order was primarily their 15mm sci-fi minis but I also grabbed a few of their Full Thrust Outer Rim Coalition ships to get an idea of how they look. Turns out they look a lot better than the photos on his site so I will be getting some of them in February when I use my 20% off coupon.

I’ll also be picking up some of his Grav APCs to fill out the models I picked up from Rebel Minis. Rebel doesn’t currently make Grav APCs and the tracked APCs they have are a little heavily armed for my tastes.

The parcel from Hydra Miniatures was a set of starter fleets for their War Rocket game as well as the rulebook. I picked up the Valkeeri Squadron and Zenithian Squadron and Matt tossed in some Galacteer vessels that I will be using to create a pirate fleet for the game.

With all the recent purchases I have made I think I actually have enough minis to paint to last me well into the next year.