Klingon Armada gaming

James, Darren and I managed to get in two games using the Starmada based Klingon Armada rules. The first game was played using the Breakout scenario from the Starmada core rules. I played the Klingon defenders with James and Darren splitting the larger Federation fleet between them. I managed to squeak out a win by destroying two of the Federation Cruisers and then also managed to get my D7C off the table as well.

James and I had a second game after lunch in which the same Klingon fleet took on a similarly sized Fed fleet. This time the Feds tore apart the Klingons with some very nasty Photon torpedo fire.

These were the first games we played using the Starmada system and it was interesting that we didn’t have to refer to the rulebook at all during the game. It played quite quickly, was an interesting games and had some interesting tactical decisions for us to make while we played.

We used the core KA rules with the addition of the alternating activation and immediate damage resolution rules.

Of course we made a few mistakes and forgot a few rules but it was a good time and I am quite impressed with the rules.

The one thing I was surprised by was how deadly ships are when you move in to close ranges. Especially in Klingon Armada where the shield values are lower because of the faceted shields. Starmada appears to be a game where you need to stand off and snipe at your opponents to wear them down and then move in for the kill.

I am also glad that I did not spend any time working on stats for my Starmada fleets before playing. I think I would have had to scrapped them all after the games since the system plays a lot differently than I expected.