Why I don’t think I’m going to keep up with Warhammer

As some of you may know the family will soon be moving to Calgary Alberta. As part of that move I have decided to really try to simplify my game playing and my collection of tabletop games and miniatures. As you can expect its not going to be that difficult to get in games of Warhammer and 40K there. Or anywhere for that matter. There are probably tribes in the deepest jungles of New Guinea that play 40K and argue about which MeQ force is best for Razorspam lists.

Calgary also seems to run a lot of events and tournaments. More than Vancouver it seems and so I was thinking of bringing along my Warhammer Chaos Daemon army and trying to get in more games of Warhammer. In the last few days though I have seen a lot of events (locally, in Calgary and in the US) that have posted Comp guidelines for Warhammer events that have really made me think that I don’t want to involve myself in the game. This list, not from anyone in Calgary mind you, us an example of a set of Comp guidlines for a friendly event. I’ve reposted it in its entirety so you can see the breadth of what they are suggesting.

1. No Named Characters.

Example: Orcs and Goblins’ Grimgor Ironhide
*This includes named unit upgrades.

Example: Daemons of Chaos’s Karanak, Hound of Vengeance.

2. An Army may have no more than 12 Power dice in one phase.

No matter how many power dice an army generates in one phase, it can only use a maximum of 12 power dice in a single magic phase.

3. No Dogs of War Units will be allowed (Dogs of War Armies are fine).

4. No Power Scrolls.

5. An army must have a minimum of five units.

*Lords and Heroes are excluded from this count.
6. Other Restrictions:

Chaos Dwarfs
5. Ravening Horde Chaos Dwarfs are allowed.

Daemons of Chaos:
1. No Blood Thirsters
2. No Siren Song.
3. No Great Icon of Despair.
4. Daemons cannot take duplicate gifts.
5. Daemons cannot take Noxious Vapors with a Herald that is mounted on a Palanquin.

Dark Elves:
1. Only one Hydra is allowed per army.
2. No Ring of Hotek.
3. No Pendant of Khaeleth.

Dogs of War:
1. Ogres use the prices, stats, and abilities from the Ogre Kingdoms book.
2. Dogs of War may take Giants.

1. A player can take the Mace of Helsturm or the Van Horstmann’s Speculum, but not both.

High Elves:
1. No Book of Hoeth.

1. No more than one Engine of the Gods.
2. No Cupped Hands of the Old Ones.

Orcs and Goblins
Any restrictions for this army will be announced after their new army book is released.

Ogre Kingdoms:
1. Ogre Players may take a single unit of up to three Rhinox Riders.

Tomb Kings:
1. A High Liche Priest is granted +2 to cast as if he was Level 2 Wizard.
*Per the FAQ, he has a +3 to dispel.
2. A Liche Priest is granted +1 to cast and dispel as if he was Level 1 Wizard.
3. A Tomb King +2 to cast and dispel as if he was Level 2 Wizard.
4. A Tomb Prince +1 to cast and dispel as if he was Level 1 Wizard.

Warriors of Chaos:
1. No Black Tongue.
2. No Infernal Puppet.

Wood Elves:
1. Wood Elves get their free trees in pitched battles.

Lists will be judged by the team’s captain and then sent on to the rating committee. A captain or the rating committee can reject a list. Hopefully, with a few recommendations, the list can be altered and later accepted.

We want the games to be about tactics and not synergistic combos, uber units, and hucking dice. We are not playing monster or hero hammer.

What to avoid.
Gun Lines: This is not 40K. Limit your war machines and shooters.
All Skirmisher armies.
Point Denial Armies and battle stars.
Extreme MSU Armies. Give a bloke an army to fight!

Now I am going to assume that this is actually an essential list because the people posting it are experienced tournament organizers and experienced Warhammer gamers. Unlike me. But do I really want to spend my time playing a game that is this broken? And given that I have a Chaos Daemon army specifically because of the Blood thirsters I am even more disappointed.

Warhammer has always struck me as a bit of an over the top kind of game. Its always been about mad combos, over-powered heroes and insane magic but it has also seemed as if the North American gaming audience has wanted a more balanced game than GW has wanted to supply.

So my Chaos Daemon minis will be going to Calgary but with the aim of using them in 40K and not as a Warhammer army. I’m not sure yet if I am going to rebase them but it seems as if Blood thirsters will be more fun in 40K than in Warhammer.