Battle of Westeros

I was over at Zach’s the other day and we decided to try out the Battle of Westeros boardgame from FFG. The game is set in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy setting and is ostensibly based on the Battlelore boardgame.

I previously owned, and played, the Battlelore game and ultimately didn’t like it. The game is quite random and the background of a fantasy/historical game really out me off. I am not sure why but it always seemed as if the game couldn’t decide what it wanted to be.

Battle of Westeros is supposed to be a “BattleLore game” but it makes some significant changes to the order system and in doing so makes a much more enjoyable and tactically interesting game.

BoW retains the command cards, colour coded dice and hex terrain from BattleLore. Instead of breaking the game into sections though BoW limits your command ability by having most of your orders be placed via your Commanders. You can still move, a random number and type, of single units each turn but your Commanders are how you play your Command Cards and effect multiple units at once.

You can’t command all of your troops each turn but the Commanders not only add a more logical way to limit your ability to command troops but also adds interesting characters all of whom have different abilities that affect the game.

I was immediately taken with this new game and found it far more enjoyable than BattleLore. This is definitely one game that I will be adding to my own collection soon.