Rethinking my Space Marines

Some time ago I decided that I was going to finish painting a 40K Space Marine force, the March Wardens, that I started for an Escalation League many years ago. It has a small command squad with a Razorback and a Tactical squad. I have quite a few Marines and Terminators kicking about and several professionally painted 3rd Edition marine vehicles. Sadly the vehicles don’t match the colour scheme of the Marines.

I deiced that I was going to keep painting my March Wardens in their black and blue and use the vehicles for an add-on in Apocalypse or Spearhead games. In the last few days I have decided against that and will now be finishing the March Wardens tactical squad and then using those as a rump force for large games or Apocalypse games and finishing off the rest of the Marines in a green and white scheme to match the vehicles I have. This will let me use the vehicles in regular 40K games, not require me to purchase additional vehicles and also lets me have access to two very well painted Land Raiders.