What to do with a pile of Terminators

So at one point I was going to do a Deathwing army and I picked up a huge number of metal Space Marine Terminators. Enough that I wouldn’t have any problem putting together 2000pts of Deathwing goodness.

That mad plan has come to nought, mostly due to the madness of it, but I still have a ton of Terminators.

So while I was sorting them and pondering putting them on the table for my moving sale I thought about assembling a series of Terminator squads for Apocalypse. There is one formation that is specifically for the Imperial Fists and I think I will paint that formation up but I thought it might be fun to have an Apocalypse force that contained a wide range of Terminators from different chapters.

It has always seemed odd to me that a chapter would put so many elite units like Terminators into a battle that wasn’t as epic as the defence of Ultramar. More likely would be a strike from Terminators from multiple Chapters.

It also lets me use the new plastic Terminators for my Marine army and leaves the metal “old school” figures for me Apocalypse gaming.