Not much hobby action

I am slowly packing up my gaming area and so there isn’t really a lot of hobby activity going on. I finished packing my paints last night and my tools are also packed away so all I can really do is assemble models.

I recently picked up a very sizeable 40K Ork army and as part of it I also got a huge number of unassembled figs for Lootas, Tankbustas and a variety of other figs. So I think that the time between now and the move is going to be spent assembling Ork minis and getting them ready to paint once I get to Calgary. The army is pretty low on Nobz so I may need to pick up a box or two of them to build to add as support for the Boyz that I have already.

Thankfully almost all of the Boyz are assembled and painted so I don’t have to deal with that nightmare :-)