Building Lootas and Burna Boyz

I spent last night clipping the pieces for a unit of Lootas and a unit of Burna Boyz. The new plastic set comes with four bodies for the troops and a second body for the Mek that is an optional upgrade for the unit. The sprues have the weapons for either the Deffguns for the Lootas or the Skorchas for the Burna Boyz and it was quite easy to take the bodies from the plastic Boyz set and create eight troops from each set.

Say what you will about GW but in this case I was able to take two packs of Lootas / Burna Boyz and build eight models using some spare Ork Boy parts. Not a bad deal really. The sprue also includes parts for a Shoota and Rokkit model as well as parts to add an Ammo Runt to one of the Nobz models from the Ork Boyz sprue which I will be using in the near future.