Lootas done

I managed to get down to Strategies today instead of Sunday and so I was able to get my hands on another box of Lootas and Burna Boys to finish off both units. I’ll end up with 12 Lootas (all assembled), 11 Burna Boyz and three Meks.

The Meks will be used for the Burna Boyz to give them a bit of punch and both units will be built to be able to put them in a Trukk.

Tomorrow I’ll be assembling some Nobz and also some Rokkit Boyz. Once those are done then I will finish the Lootas.

I’m really quite impressed with the Loota figures. The guns they are packing are huge and suitably Orky with added ammo bins, power packs and ancillary weapons that are chaotic and also quite impressive at the same time. Certainly full of Dakka.