Boss Zagstruk finished

Well finished assembling that is. I took some time this evening to clean and fidle the parts and then assemble it. I pinned the arms but the other parts were just glued.

Boss Zagstruk is actually quite an impressive figure once you have him put together. The photos on the GW website really don’t do the figure any justice. The model is posed as if dropping down on the attack and it really is quite more dynamic than the photos would lead you to believe.

Boss Zagstruk is one of the figures that I will be getting painted by Chad before I go. He originally painted the unit of Storm Boys that Zagstruk will be used with so it makes sense for Chad to paint him as well.

I have several figures that Chad will be doing, five Nobz, four Rokkit Boyz, a Warlord and Zagstruk. With the exception of Zagstruk these figs are to fill out or complete units painted by Chad for the original owner of the army. The Nobz unit is only five minis and none of them have Big Choppas or Kombi-Shootas. None of the units of Boyz have Rokkits and the Warlord was also not painted.

Once I get to Calgary and get my painting station set up I will start to work on some of the other units including the Killa Kans and the Lootas.



  1. I think its interesting you turned off comments for the slam on Fantasy then leave it wide open to talk about 40k. Have you even played 8th edition? Yet you compare it to a game that is primarily inhabited by 14 year olds that cant even paint a Space Marine. Then you accuse it of being an overpowered game of characters and magic items. So your lack of knowledge tells me you pretty much havent played 8th edition at all.

    Well have fun with your Toys R US soldiers while giving up on a game for mature people.

    1. You are making one immediate incorrect assumption. The site is set to close comments on old posts automatically. Comments were open on the post and now they are shut off.

      I do play 8th edition. I actually like it. Its a crazy game. Perhaps you got a mistaken impression of what is turning me off. It isn’t the game, it is the older WFB players who complain non-stop about the game and try to “comp” the game to death.

      The adjectives I used to describe the game were meant to be taken in a positive light.

      I tink that both 40K and WFB now share a similar “over the top” mentality it is just that a lot of WFB players want a competitive game. I happily don’t :-)

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