Changing my gaming focus

For quite some time have been “that guy”. The gamer who always had a new game he was trying or demoing or pushing on his friends. I’ve never really been a person that focused on one or two games and consequently even though there are games that I really like to play, I am not really all that good at them because I don’t really ever focus on one enough to get good.

I’m also not focusing on winning but that is the subject of the next blog post.

With the move to Calgary I have been working at not only getting rid of superfluous miniatures and terrain but also dramatically paring down the games that I will be playing in our new home. I’ve narrowed myself down to three including one game that I don’t even actually play at the moment.

I would be a bit of a dolt to stop playing Strange Aeons when I move to Calgary which is the home of the game’s creator. If I can’t get a game of Strange Aeons in Calgary then I am doing something wrong. The game is also fun and has a lot of room for you to create your own monsters, characters and even villains. I have a few figs painted up for the game and I look forward to finishing up some of my Fishmen and villainous humans.

I am also going to be keeping a hold of my Starmada rules and spacecraft miniatures. I have only had a few games of Starmada but I really, really like it and it seems to be a game that holds a lot of promise. All the games I played were fun and even in my initial game didn’t have to make much reference to the rules. It was quick and fun and deserves a place on my shelf.

Finally I am going to be starting to play 40K. In fact I think it will be my main game for a while and the main source of hobby activity since I plan to paint and build an entire army.

I certainly haven’t had any change of heart in regard to the game itself. I don’t think it is really as tactically interesting as other games. It doesn’t really have the depth that a game like Warmachine does but it offers me an opportunity to play in a game universe that I love.

I adore the 40K universe though. I have a collection of 40K books, rules and expansions that dwarfs the collections of many serious 40K players and it is time for me to finally get my feet wet in the game. I have also got, despite my other interests, a great love of the 40K Orks and their ramshackle vehicles and equipment. I’ve managed to collect a serious number of old Guard and Marine vehicles with an aim to convert them into Ork Wagons and Trukks and other misshapen and potentially disastrous pieces of Ork engineering.

So during my housecleaning I picked up a 40K Ork army, some Chaos miniatures and a few more IMperial and Space Marine vehicles to keep me stocked in 40K hobby goodness for a while. And after that I purged myself of 100s of figures and quite a few games. Not only will it keep my moving bill down and make it possible for me to game in the new house (I certainly won’t have the space there that I do now) but it will keep me focused and concentrated on just a few games.

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