Forge World Ork Kommandos FTW

Took a bit of time to assemble some more Ork Kommandos using the Forge World Ork Kommando Conversion Kit and some parts from the Assault on Black Reach box and the Boyz Command sprue. I was able to build seven models from the kit instead of six as I added a mask to a Rokkit Boy to build a Rokkit Kommando leaving me with a backpack (I used the backpack from the Command sprue with the Rokkits for the model) that I added to a seventh Ork who had a Tankbusta mine and a Burna Boy head.

I have seven of the metal figures (the boxed set plus the Burna and Big Shoota models) so this will let me have two smaller units or a larger unit of up to twelve models.

The Nob that is included in the set is a hulking brute with a Big Choppa that he is posed using in an overhand swing. It actually went together much easier than I thought it would and the only complication was that I needed to remove the resin pole on the Boss Pole and add a metal one that required a bit of precarious drilling to pin.

Quite a fun set, great detail and a nice way to expand my force of Kommandos at a lower price than the GW metal figures.