Arkham Horror

Darren, Carmen, Zach and I had a game of Arkham Horror last night. All of them have played the game previously and have a fair bit of experience with it. It was my first game and I sadly picked a character that looked cool instead of one that was better suited to fighting the Mythos powers and staying sane.

Darren has an enormous collection of supplements for the game and they decided to play the core game and the Innsmouth expansion. I think that it was perhaps a bit much for my first time out with the game but by the end I had a good grasp of the mechanics.

The game was touch and go for a while. We had six open gates at one point and were at the verge of having the Old One released. I can’t recall its name but it would have stomped us all quite easily since it devours the first Investigator that fights it :-) Happily we managed to save the day even though clues kept on popping up in open gates and we lost a total of five Clues to an environmental effect. Zach’s character had the Book of Gates though and also gained clues every time it entered a gate so that was enough to let us finally pull off a win.