Battle of Arkham Horror

While I am in town waiting for my flight to Calgary, I am staying at my friend Zach’s and we managed to get in two different boardgames yesterday. We started off in the afternoon playing a game of Battle of Westeros. We played the second scenario from the core game with Zach playing Lannister (again) and myself taking the Stark side.

The scenario has each playing holding three objectives and the winner is the side holding the most at the end of five turns. I managed to grab a victory at the end of turn five by capturing all three of Zach’s objectives on the river and then recapturing one of my three with a lucky attack from a unit of Kennel Masters. It was a pretty close game and I had a bit of an initial scare after Zach managed to roll five blue shields in two attacks to ravage two units of mine.

I really like Battle of Westeros and it is on my list of games to buy in the future.

Later that evening a few of us got together to play a game of Arkham Horror. This is quickly becoming a favourite game of mine due to the huge levels of replayability and over-the-top nature of the game. Once again it looked as if we were almost ready to fail and doom the planet when we managed to eek out a win and close enough portals to win the game.

I am probably going to pick up Arkham Horror before I pick up Battle of Westeros as I suspect that it will be easier to get Michelle to play Arkham Horror. That said, Battle of Westeros is going to be an immediate buy as soon as I can find an opponent in Calgary.