Ork Warbuggies almost done

I managed to finish building the vehicle portions of my three converted Ork Warbuggies today. The models use the Ork Trukk model with most of the bed and the second axle removed to create a shortened vehicle that is effectively only the cab and a small back storage space. The “current” Ork Warbuggies are heinous and don’t even fit with the current range and so I went with these.

Excuse the blurry photos but my cellphone camera doesn’t seem to like the light in my office.

I can’t take any credit at all for the idea. My friend Ryan Sen came up with the design and built the first vehicle and I assembled the rest based on some partially completed chassis that he had not finished. These are much more in the same style as the current Ork vehicles and also have the added benefit of being quite unique.

Can’t wait to start painting them up once I finish assembling the crew.

I had to take a few parts from another Trukk kit to finish the third Warbuggie but then I realised that I could use the Trukk to make some wreck markers as I suspect that I might have one or two wrecked Trukks during the course of every game :-)