Strange Aeons gaming

Last Tuesday I dropped by Great White Games in Southcentre Mall to get in a few games of Strange Aeons. Mike, the developer of the game, was down with his incredible collection of Cthulhu figs. I played two games and lost them both :-) The first was using a Lurker list with a Mad Scientist, two Cultists and two Zombies. I got crushed by a player, whose name I forgot, with his Threshold list. Primarily the issue was trying to wrangle my Zombies and get them into position to attack. Sadly it didn’t work.

The second game was against Kyle, the store manager, who took a team of Cultists against my four member Threshold team. Kyle cleared my team out putting a Major injury on every single member. Having two agents Frenzy and then charge out of position didn’t help especially as it put my main agent into a cross-fire. The only really effective member of the team was my civilian with bolt-action rifle who killed a Cultist and managed to survive the longest.

Happily I will be able to rebuild my team for next week and try to put the hurt on Kyle for revenge.