Strange Aeons insanity

Tonight was Strange Aeons night at Great White and I managed to get in two games, one as the Lurkers against Kyle and a second against Conner using my new Threshold List. While my game against Kyle was fun, the game against Conner was insane in a very inspired sense.

We played the “Fight” scenario and Conner picked a very gun heavy band of Cultists to take on my newly created Threshold team. Things went south rather quickly as I lost one Agent and then lost my Character to a charging Cultist. My single remaining Agent failed his “Last Man Standing” roll and he frenzied charging at a High Priest and a Cultist with a .30 cal. The Frenzy move left him with charge range of the Cultist who was unarmed. This gave my agent a free wound which knocked the Cultist Face Down and meant that he was removed with a major injury. The High Priest failed his Resolve test and passed out.

Sadly this still left Conner one Cultist to activate who stepped from behind a wall and rolled three 1s with his Tommy Gun. Clearly he used the rest of his ammo taking out my Character :-) with the High Priest down it was a simple matter to charge and take him out making the last Cultist with the highly inaccurate gun to make a Last Man Standing” roll which he failed. He ran but sadly it was towards my Agent who then charged and took the final Cultist out.

What should have been a total rout ended up as a win. A totally phyrric victory mind you as my Character suffered a Major Wound and ended up Dead.

Still, it was an incredible game and I can’t wait to play again next week.