Battlewagon assembled

It sill needs a lot of paint but my Battlewagon is assembled and ready to use for tomorrow’s 40K games.

I still have one more Shoota turret that also goes with the Battlewagon as well as a Lobba. The roof and the turret attachment are not glued on so I can use the Battlewagon in other configurations.


The kit went together very well. I am once again impressed by the quality and precision of GW’s 3D generated vehicles. As with the Deff Dread there were a few instances where the instructions were not clear due to the alignment of the parts. As well the instructions were again confusing without numbers despite all the parts being numbered.

What really excites me about this vehicle kit is that it is so flexible. The roof, main gun attachment point and the reinforced ram do not need to be glued to the vehicle meaning that you can paint them and use them to create multiple types of Battlewagons with little effort.