Threshold victory!

Last Tuesday’s night of Strange Aeons gaming at Great White was punctuated with that most rare of occasions, me winning a game with my Threshold crew. I managed to get in two sets of games, two games with my Threshold list and two playing Lurkers. My first Lurker game was played using a Rogue Threshold Character and two Henchmen. Sadly that game ended quickly as the Threshold team they were up against was only two models but still 19 points. The character had Lightning Reflexes and Crackshot and was easily able to take out my Henchmen and then the Rogue Character. I really should have gone with a less expensive model since the main benefit of the Rogue Character is his access to the new gadgets and weapons. WIthout them he is just an expensive leader.

Sadly my second game went no better as my Threshold team once again suffered a trio of Major Injuries at the hands of a band of well-arm Cultists. The end-of-game injury rolls ended up with my Character being killed once again and so I started another team from scratch for my second set of game.

My next set of games were much better. Playing the Lurker in Monster Hunt I was able to take a Formless Thing which successfully took out all three members of an opposing Threshold team. The Formless Thing has a random number of attacks and so it is really a hit or miss creature. It can successfully drag in opposing models but if you roll a low number of attacks it can take a while to “eat” the model you are fighting.

I ended the session with a solid win for my new Threshold team. Once again fighting against Cultists I was able to keep the main long-range Cultist threat down with my own long range fire and then my Character successfully dropped dynamite on the Cult Leader and a Cultist to win the game. Not only did my team survive without any injuries but I was actually able to have a plan succeed! I think I’m finally getting the hang of the game :-)