New Pulp Figures minis arrive

The trip to the mailbox today brought a package from Pulp Figures. I recently ordered the Evil Hooded Minions 2, The Boys in Blue 2 and Doc Thompson & his Fabulous Four.

The Hooded Minions will be painted up to match my Artizan Designs Cultists, the Police will join the Brigade Games Police figures I am painting for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten and the Doc Thompson figures will make excellent Threshold agents for Strange Aeons. Doc Savage is the epitome of what a Threshold team is all about and it will be fun to come up with some stats for them.

The figures are to the usual standard of figures from Bob Murch. Crisp casts, very little flash and next to no mould lines. Bob excels at creating character driven figures and these are all great examples. I’m looking forward to getting these painted and on the table for some game.