A letter to GW

Hi guys

As you may know the recent announced price increases in North America as well as the increased price of the new Fineline range of resin figures has caused a bit of controversy.

I’ve been an “off and on” WFB and 40K player for some time. I’m certainly not a hardcore fan and I am not a new gamer.

But with your recent announcements of sales embargoes, price increases and increased differential pricing to Canada, GW has killed my ability and desire to expand my forces.

I have a sizeable Chaos Daemon army for WFB and a huge Ork army for 40K and I will continue to use these but I can’t really afford to buy new figures. Nor do I really feel inclined to do so.

I was planning on building a Necron force when the new army came out and I was in the process of building a Tomb Kings army. Both of those projects are now shelved. In fact I was able to take back my unopened Tomb Kings figures to my FLGS and trade them in for the new Malifaux rulebooks and a new Guild starter for the game. So my FLGS is still happy as they continue to get my business but you don’t.

Someone needs to tell GW management that they can’t continue to artificially inflate their bottom line by jacking prices up by 20% every chance they get and they also need to know that making people in Canada pay more for figures because you can is immoral and really idiotic.