Massive Spartan purchase

I made a quick trip to Sentry Box this morning before heading out to Edmonton. I found a local player of Uncharted Seas so I used it as an excuse to fill out my Uncharted Seas Dwarven Fleet. The Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, Assault ships and both classes of Submarines. They didn’t have the Flagship in stock and for some reason I was reticent to pick up the airship. Not sure why as I bought almost every other thing they had :-)

I also broke down and picked up the Dystopian Wars Federated States naval starter. There are local Prussian and British players already and I don’t really like the Japanese so I ended up getting the Americans. I actually like the FSA naval designs more than any of the factions but the Prussian flying aircraft carrier is a big draw. I’m happy that I did pick the FSA set up though as I am quite pleased with the vessels.

I have seen various samples (painted and unpainted) of the figures online but I wasn’t quite prepared for the level of details in the miniatures. The resin ships are probably the best that Spartan Games have released and the amount of detail and its crispness is really amazing.

The starter comes with two metal bombers which really suffer in comparison to the resin ships. They are nice figs but compared to the resin miniatures they seem flat. As well, for some reason, the main turrets on the FSA vessels are also in metal and they, again, look flat when compared to the resin accessories for the ships.

I am especially happy with the size of the figures. The battleship in the starter is slightly smaller than the battleships in Uncharted Seas and significantly smaller than the Firestorm Armada battleships. I think these will be easier to store and allow for more space on a gaming table to maneuver.

Next weekend will be a Malifaux/Uncharted Seas event at Myth Games and after that I hope to get a game of Dystopian Wars in.