Next batch of painting

As is usual I have far more projects on my table than I have time. I suspect that I am not unique in this. After my purchases this weekend I have more Iron Dwarf vessels for Uncharted Seas to prep and prime as well as my FSA fleet for Dystopian Wars. In addition I have a few figures for my Zorida Malifaux crew that I want to paint. I suspect that the Silurids and Bad Mojo for Malifaux will be painted first as they can also do double duty as a Shambler and Deep Ones for Strange Aeons.

The Iron Dwarf vessels are of primary importance since I want to use them this weekend in a game so I need to at least prep and prime them.

Sadly the FSA fleet might take a backseat but I am at least going to take them with me on Tuesday to show to everyone at Great White to try to tempt some others into playing :-)