Where did all my space go?

What was a clear and spacious painting table last week has now changed into a cramped and packed table as I am in the process of painting 23 vessels for Uncharted Seas as well as the rest of my Zorida starter set for Malifaux.

I managed to get all of the vessels primed yesterday and started doing the metal on the ships. In addition to the figures I picked up on the weekend I also had a second Iron Dwarves starter set that I had purchased some time ago. So they are all getting painted! The first step is to dry brush all of the metal. That is now done and the next step will be to paint the wooden decks. Once that is done everything will get a wash to add some shading and then the decks will get highlighted.

Sadly this means that the fleet won’t be ready for the game this weekend but I should have them painted soon after that.