A universal gaming currency

I was driving home today thinking about some of the gaming purchases I had made and how interesting it was to compare the prices. While I was at Sentry Box I picked up a British Scout Rotor blister for Dystopian Wars and a blister of Malifaux Rats. The total came to $24.50 Cnd and I thought that it was funny that some of the new GW Finecast figures I was looking at were the same price for a single mini. I had purchased two resin Scout Rotors and three metal rats for the price of a resin 40K Ork Painboy.

So five figures equalled, in this case, one GW mini.

Now its not exactly a fair comparison but it got me thinking about using the price of a single GW character model as a way to judge the comparative expense of other gaming miniatures. To that end I went to the Games Workshop website and randomly picked 20 Warhammer Fantasy and 40K single miniatures and averaged their prices. They ranged from $22.50 US for the Skulltaker to $15.00US for Throt the Unclean. The average price for all of these figures was $17.51 US which I have rounded up to $18.00

So I would like to suggest that when discussing prices for games we no longer refer to the unit price but instead discuss the price in a new universal currency value, the GW. One GW is the same as $18.00 US.

For example, the Wyrd Miniatures Death Marshalls starter set is $34US or almost 2 GWs. The Dystopian Wars: Federated States Battle Group is $54 US or exactly 3 GW. The Infinity PanOceania Starter Pack is $48.55US which is 2.7 GW. A pack of five Black Scorpion Pirate Goblins is $14.75 US which is .82 GW.

Not only is this a handy way to compare the relative cost of the different products but it also puts the costs of the game in perspective as well.

I hope that you’ll find this new universal gaming currency useful in your discussions.



  1. I think selecting only single model character blisters from GW skews the per unit GWD (Games Workshop Dollars ;) ) a bit. Their core are often as low as $3 per model and some characters, like you mentioned above, are very high. I try my best to find the low cost substitute in the list…like the Tomb King in the Warsphinx box, or the skink priest and chieftan in the Steg box. This lowers my per model GWD expenditure significantly. Just a thought.

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