Rasputina… you are mine!

Popped into Myth Games to get my Rasptunia starter set for Malifaux and was happy to see that they also had the new Malifaux mini-rulebook set aside for me as well. I am very impressed with the new rulebook. It is concise, well structured, easy to read and also has some very amusing diagrams created using the Malifaux Puppet characters. The book also has new illustrations for many of the Malifaux Masters including Lady Justice, Pandora, Sonia Cridd and Nicodem. Not sure if these illustrations are just reworkings of the characters or a portent of some change or update in their powers based on the stories in the Rising Powers book.

I’ve been waiting for Rasputina for a while. Some of the other support figures for her were in last week and so I have been looking at the Silent One, Wendigo, December Cultist and Hoarcats for a while. I am going to try to quickly assemble and prime the figures so I can start using them next week at Myth.

I also picked up another blister of the Dystopian War FSA dirigibles. I am not sure why but they models really tickle my fancy. So much so that I want to have two squadrons of them for my first Dystopian Wars games. Hopefully those figures will get a tryout next week at Myth as well.