Painting and building

With the Rasputina crew in hand I spent some time last night and tonight to put them together and get them ready for painting. Since all but one of the figures, the Essence of Power, are going to be on snow bases I haven’t sanded the bases. Ready to get primed tomorrow are:

  • Rasputina
  • 3 x Ice Gamin
  • Ice Golem
  • Silent One
  • Hoarcat Pride
  • Wendigo
  • Essence of Power
  • December Acolyte

I also started painting the flyer tokens for my Dystopian Wars FSA fleet. A quick blue on the tops of them and then some light blue and white dappling and I’ll be able to start to paint the airplanes. Since all the planes are the same I will be painting one set with red wing stripes and a second with white stripes to differentiate the fighters from the dive bombers.