More Malifaux minis

Did two deals this weekend and added quite a few new Malifaux figures to my collection. I picked up a Sonia Cridd starter set as well as a McMourning starter, 3 Mindless Zombies, 3 Crooked Men, Killjoy and a Vulture. I’m not actually all that interested in McMourning but it was a good way to pick up some of the undead figures that I will need for my Nicodem crew.

Both crews have figures in them that I really don’t care much for. The McMourning set has the T&A Nurses that I really dislike. I don’t tend to like T&A that much but I also don’t see how the figures really fit in with a lunatic like McMourning. More Igor type figures as replacements would make sense but in this case this is one instance in which Wyrd’s initial attempt to place existing figures into their Malifaux background doesn’t work for me.

I really like all of the figures in the Sonia Criid starter and intend to use them all but I have never really liked Sonia. She seems far less dynamic the character is presented in the background. I am pondering picking up this new Reaper western mini and converting her to have a sword in one hand and using it as a replacement for Sonia. Sonia’s stats and background are fun and the Witchling Stalkers seem really interesting as well but her figure really stops me from having any interest in playing her. I really do suspect that there will be converting in my future.

In any case, the Withchling Stalkers will find a place with my Ortega crew :-)