Gremlins, Gremlins and undead

Did a trade today for four starter sets for Malifaux including the two Gremlin starters, the Victorias starter and the Nicodem starter. I now have Som’er Teeth Jones and Ophelia LaCroix and enough undead models to properly do a Nicodem crew. My main interest was getting Ophelia but since she can’t take Pigs in her force I will probably be using Som’er Teeth Jones just so I can play a crew that has pigs and the Taxidermst. I picked up the Victorias as well, not out of any great immediate interest in them but because I think that they might be fun to play at some point in the future.

So now I need to clean and base a pile of new minis and figure out what I want to add to Ophelia’s crew to get her to 35SS for a game.