Suffering from severe Gamer Distraction Syndrome

It has been a difficult week due to a flareup of my Gamer Distraction Syndrome*. I have a pile of Malifaux and Dystopian Wars miniatures ready to paint and despite this I am currently checking out some Ground Zero Games 15mm sci-fi figures, like this wonderful Grav APC, after reading through the newly released Gruntz 15mm rules.

Normally in a situation like this I try to focus on what I can use in a game but since two out of the three games I am obsessing about I can get games of I am hopelessly muddled and unable to focus.

Technically I should be trying to paint at least one of my Malifaux crews but the FSA and Brittania models for Dystopian Wars are too tempting. Sadly all of this unfocused desire to paint means that I haven’t actually managed to paint anything :-)

Maybe next week.

* I know that everyone calls it Gamer ADD but Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a pretty serious disorder and suffering from dyslexia myself, another syndrome that often gets trivialised, I am a bit sensitive to people using real disorders in this manner. ADHD is not even close to our general inability, as hobbyists, to focus on one project at a time.



  1. As a fellow sufferer of severe GDS, it’s nice to hear that others share the same frustration I do. Sometimes my twitter feed and blogs that I read are so full of “check out what I just finished” that I get annoyed because I can’t finish a project without starting a new one lol.
    Ah well, back to drooling over Black Scorpion’s fantasy football minis while my Warmachine, Malifaux, & Dystopian Wars stuff sits there begging for paint.
    Arrgh! :D

  2. You know what…I like the way you think. I’m going to start calling it Gamer Distraction Syndrome as well. You are right, as serious as it can be for us gamers-with-wandering-eyes, it’s not as serious as what some people have to deal with in their lives.

    And on that note, back to TGN where my own GDS stops me from working on my Tale of Gamers army :)

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