Bases for Gruntz

So I picked up a copy of the Gruntz 15mm rules the other day and was quite impress with them. I have been looking for a set of 15mm sci-fi rules for a while and these seem to be quite fun. The rules have alternating activation which is a must for me and it also has optional rules for basing multiple figures on a single base.

I am not sure why but the idea of singly based 15mm figures doesn’t really do anything for me and so I went looking for some Flames of War bases to assemble my minis. Sadly my local store wasn’t very well stocked with the conventional FoW bases but happily they had the new plastic FoW rubble bases in stock and so I picked up two sets of them. They are the standard small and medium sized bases but with sculpted rubble and debris on them. The bases also come with inserts that you can use to fill in the holes on the bases allowing you to put four models on a medium base and two or fewer on the small bases.

I’ve pulled out some of the Rebel Minis Titan Marines and will do some tests with em to see how they fit and look in the bases.