Malifaux: Nicodem v Rasputina

Brett and I met at Myth Games on Saturday, last week, for a game of Malifaux. It was a chance for me to finally get my new Rasputina crew on the table and have a game.

I was playing a pretty standard Rasputina list

Rasputina — 4 Cache
Essence of Power [2ss]

  • Ice Golem [9ss]
  • Ice Gamin [4ss]
  • Ice Gamin [4ss]
  • Ice Gamin [4ss]
  • Silent One [6ss]
  • December Acolyte [6ss]

Brett brought out Nicodem

Nicodem, The Undertaker — 4 Cache
1 Vulture [2ss]

  • Rotten Belles [4ss]
  • Punk Zombie [5ss]
  • Punk Zombie [5ss]
  • Punk Zombie [5ss]
  • Mortimer, The Gravedigger [7ss]
  • Necropunk [3ss]
  • Necropunk [3ss]

We flipped a Shared Turf War with Diagonal deployment and a Torrential Downpour as a special event. I picked Rasputina’s December Curse Scheme as well as Stake a Claim. Brett picked the Ressurectionist Scheme that required him to end the game with more models than he started. For Stake a Claim I picked a rocky outcropping near Brett’s table edge as the objective. I figured this would partially reward me for completing Turf War.

Set up

My set-up was suboptimal. I placed the Silent One too far away from Rasputina. It would be several turns before she could give any benefit to Raspy but to be fair she did a lot of damage on her own, its just that she got really effective once I was able to get her within 6″ of Rasputina. The idea was to have one Ice Gamin do an end run to the Stake a Claim objective and then have Raspy, the Golem and a Gamin push through the centre and the Silent One and December Acolyte hold off the right flank.

Turn 1

Turn one was the usual “run and advance”. Brett managed to get one of his Necropunks to leap bringing it dangerously close to my deployment area. One of the Belles moved right towards the December Acolyte and prepared to Lure him out. Sadly we misinterpreted what a Morale Duel was (we cleared it up in a later turn) and so the Belle wasn’t allowed to try to Lure the December Acolyte in turn two.

Turn 2

We slowly moved into combat range in turn two. Brett charged in with one of his Punk Zombies and killed an Ice Gamin. I moved in with Rasputina and cast Ice Wall behind the Punks to stop them from getting quick support and also stop Brett from moving more models forward. The Golem and some spells from Rasputina managed to do some serious damage to the Punks but Brett was able to use Decay on them to boost them back to almost full health. Brett considered it a bit of a “dick” move to cast the Decay spell on one of the Punks instead of one of my models but I assured him that I thought it was entirely not a “dick” move but well within the spirit of the game. Little did he know I had a truly “dick” move in store myself.

My “runner” Gamin continued his dash towards the rocky outcropping and Brett moved his Necropunk away from the Ice Golem and gave chase with it. The December Acolyte hit the Belle with his Harpoon and refrained from dragging her but it did give her Slow for the turn. Brett moved another Necropunk and a Punk Zombie onto this flank which required me to move the Silent one over to provide some support and not get my flank turned.

Turn 3

Turn three proved to be messy and fun. I lost initiative by one and so was unable to freeze the woods in time to catch Nicodem and his Vulture. As it was Brett moved the Vulture out to get it to grab a Corpse token for Nicodem. Raspy activated and froze Nicodem to the woods and then blasted the Punk Zombies apart with some well placed blasts and some help from the Golem.

Before she moved the Silent One cast December’s Curse on the Ice Gamin. She generated a blast which took out the Punk Zombie, did enough damage to kill the Gamin and the resulting blast from his death killed the Belle. At this point I pointed out to Brett that what I had done was a real “dick” move.

Without line of sight and being unable to move Nicodem was not able to do a lot. There were a lot of Corpse tokens to be had but with one Vulture and not way to move closer Brett was very limited in his options for the turn.

Turn 4

Brett had to leave so we decided to just finish turn four and call it a day. I won initiative and froze Nicodem to the woods again and popped up another Ice Wall to block Mortimer from getting too close. The Silent One used December’s Curse to destroy the Vulture but not before it grabbed two more Corpse Tokens. Nicodem used his three tokens to summon a Flesh Construct but between being Slow and having a wall of Ice in front of him it was a going to be a long time before he was able to get into attack position.

Sadly the Ice Walls also limited my options and so at the end of turn 4 I had managed to stymie Brett somewhat but I think that he was in a better position in terms of being able to succeed at Turf War.

I was lucky to be able to pin Nicodem in place for two turns. It really limited his ability to use the corpse tokens available and I could have been in a real bind, behind those Ice Walls, if Brett had been able to turn them into Mindless Zombies or if he had another Vulture to grab them.

Rasputina was a lot of fun and I really liked the Silent One. For the price the December Acolyte seemed to be less useful in this game but I can see its ability to drag models being useful in some scenarios. The Gamin were fun especially as fodder for the December’s Curse spell. Having the Gamin be the target of the spell and blowing up to kill a Belle was great fun. Brett probably disagrees though :-)

You can’t see them in the photos but we were using Ratty’s Malifaux cards to track events, schemes and scenario objectives. They were quite handy and having my schemes on the table for quick reference was very useful. It also made it useful to remember the Torrential Downpour special event. If you don’t use them check them out.

Despite being a shirt game I had a lot of fun and it was very useful to be able to get a game in with Rasputina and see how her spells and abilities mesh with the rest of the models.