Whats been going on

So its been a while and there has been quite a bit going on in the hobby cave.

My early experiments with basing 15mm figures on Flames of War bases ended. For the moment. I still like the way they look but I think that for games such as Gruntz that individual basing will be better since Gruntz doesn’t really require the number of figures that large basing like that would require to make a good game. I’m working on rebasing my figures on individual bases.

There have been a lot of new 15mm figures coming into the house lately. I ordered some Scourge figures from Rebel Minis as well as three of the HAMR suits. In addition I picked up some vehicles and terrain from Ground Zero Games. I needed some grav APCs to add to my Rebel Minis Titan force. I picked up some grav tanks from Rebel and needed some APCs to go with them and GZG make some fairly hefty models. In addition I grabbed some of the walker tanks to use with the Scourge figures.

My plan is to create two forces, one with the Scourge and one with the Titan Marines. Currently the vehicles are all from GZG and the troops are from Rebel Minis. I also have a wide selection of buildings from GZG that I plan to assemble and paint as well.

In addition to this I have also been assembling a pile of Games Workshop High Elf figures. Oddly the cheapest way to build armies for Kings of War, from Mantic Games, is to trade online for WFB figures. High Elves and Dwarves are in pretty low demand online and so its been quite easy to collect a fairly significant High Elf army in a short time. I am also working on a Dwarven army as well. The primary motivation for this is that I want to build two forces cheaply and also that I don’t particularly like the Mantic Games Elfs or Dwarfs. I am a huge fan of their Undead and I even like the Abyssal Dwarves but I much prefer the GW Elf and Dwarf minis. Especially the excellent Elf figures from the Island of Blood boxed set. They are quite simply the best plastic fantasy miniatures I have seen, at least the Elves, and look really good even dipped.

Not much painting has been going on but I have been slowly shipping away at the Dystopian Wars KoB armoured force. I’ve done a base coat, washes and dry brush on all of the models and I am now working on painting the tracks, weapons and metal parts prior to doing a final wash. Hopefully I will have those ready to base next weekend.