Titan Marines ready to prime

I spent a few moments this evening putting sand on the bases of the 30+ Rebel Minis Titan Marine figures I glued down to some bases last night. If the weather is better tomorrow I will finish priming them and then start painting.

There are four full squads for Gruntz as well as a command and medic stand and a few support weapons. I think that is more than enough figures to start with for a Gruntz game. I also have some tanks as well as two APCs that I will be priming tomorrow as well.

I am not sure what colours I will use for the vehicles but the Titan Marines are being primed in red with P3 Coal Black armour plates. I have a few test models already painted and I don’t think it will take too long to finish a few squads and get them ready to game with.

Once the Titan Marines are done I will start work on the Scourge. They will be quite easy to paint as I will be dry brushing them all. Black primer and then a few quick metal layers of dry brushing and they will be good to go.


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