Why don’t I play more WFB?

So I took my newly acquired High Elf army down to Myth Games to play a game against Ryan and his Tomb Kings. I recently traded my Chaos Daemon army to a fellow on Bartertown for his High Elf force. I want to build two armies to do some Kings of War games and I only had a Chaos Daemon army so I attempted to trade it for Elves or Dwarves and managed to get a fairly substantial High Elf army.

We played one of the tournament scenarios that the store has terrain and rules for and Ryan kicked the shell out of me. I got trapped by his Skeleton horde and wasn’t really equipped to deal with his Necrosphinx. Both units ripped through my most elite troops (well slowly ground down my Dragon Knights in the case of the skeletons) and by the end of turn four the game was a bit of a foregone conclusion.

There were some fun moments. Ryan’s Hierophant almost died after miscasting a spell and then being caught with some lucky bow fire. Settra almost died after overrunning a unit of my archers (who had just managed to kill a unit of three Sepulchral Stalkers. Settra and his chariot unit overran then and then ran into a river. Settra failed his Dangerous terrain roll and then took 3 wounds.

Sad that the most damage done to his characters was by random happenstance and not me :-)

Despite getting quite trounced I had a good time and am looking forward to getting in another game soon.