Building High Elves

I took some time this evening to assemble some more some more figures from my High Elf force. I built more of the Island of Blood Swordmasters and Lothern Sea Guard as well as the Griffon figure from that set. I now have a unit of 20+ Lothern Sea Guard and 15 Swordmasters. I have some more of the Island of Blood figures coming in so I soon might have a full unit of 20 Swordmasters as well as two units of 20 Lothern Sea Guard.

Next up to assemble are eight Silverhelms and another five Dragon Knights and I need to replace the halberds on some Phoenix Guard as well. Once that is done I will have close to 3000pts of High Elves done and will need to start basing and priming them for painting.

I am planning on painting the extra command figures for the Swordmasters and Lothern Sea Guard to use as Prince and Noble figures to cut down on the number of pricier GW figures I will need to buy.