Building Vampire Counts

So the High Elf army that I am assembling is part of a plan to get two forces together to play and demo Kings of War. Originally I planned on building a Dwarf force but I think that I will perhaps start getting figures to build an Undead/Vampire Counts force.

I am a big fan of the Undead miniatures that Mantic make and I also want an “evil” army to have to use as a opposing force. I also like the Undead figures more than the Dwarf figures that Mantic makes. While the Dwarves aren’t their worst figures, they aren’t, to my eyes, as nice as the Undead. The Undead also have cavalry and I really like can in fantasy games.

The Undead also make much better Vampire Count figures than the current GW figures. And at a much better price. As good as the GW plastics currently are the Zombie figures they produce are probably their worst plastics and perhaps some of the worst plastic miniatures on the market today and so being able to replace them with something that looks better is certainly a plus.

Mantic certainly make a good game and the ability to effectively get a Warhammer army “for free”. So while I am building an Undead force for Kings of War I can play Warhammer as well.

Quite a bonus.


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  1. Saul’s White Dwarf turned up yesterday, the new undead zombie dragon is a nice looking model and hopefully would work nicely with the Mantic range (and yes, the dwarves are the worst!! – that said I replaced the shields of the seven in DKH with celtic oblong ones and they look a lot better).

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