Zombies and skeletons

I’ve spent the last two evenings building some Mantic Games Undead figures. I built 30 skeletons and nine zombies. The skeletons were a bit fussier to assemble than I thought they would be but the assembled models look quite good in a unit. The skeletons are “true 28” scale and are a bit smaller than GW figures meaning that the Vampire Count character models. On the plus side it makes the vampires look doubly impressive when added to a unit.

The zombies were quite impressive. There are fewer model options than the skeletons but they assemble in such delightful poses. There appears to be no way to put the models together in a way that doesn’t look inhuman and tortured. I was quite pleased with how they look in a unit.

I have a few more skeletons and zombies coming from Mantic, enough to build a zombie horde and two units of 25 skeletons. More than enough for a decent core for a Vampire Counts army.



    1. Currently you need a few characters. I don’t think that they make Vampires. You’d also need things like the Dire Wolves, Black Coach and Zombie Dragon.

      There are several other manufacturers that make large bats and bat swarms so you can avoid GW’s figures for that and almost anything can be used for the Ethereal Swarms.

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