The rat hordes descend

Thursday is Warhammer night at Myth Games and so I headed out with my High Elves to play my second game with the force against Matt and his Skaven. I have not ever played a game against a Skaven army in any iteration of Warhammer and so this was going to be an interesting encounter.

I had a heavily modified army from my last game.

Lvl 4 Archmage
10 x Dragon Princes
5 x Raiders
30 x Spearmen
20 x Sea Guard
21 x Swordmasters
20 x Archers
2 x RBT
Assorted magic items

Matt’s army was huge.
50 x Skavenslaves
50 x Skavenslaves
Warp Lighting Cannon
Mortar Team
Warpfire thrower team
4 x Rat Ogres
2 x 30 x Skaven Warriors
Grey Seer
Hellpit Abomination
2 x 5 x Gutter Runners
(clearly more stuff than I recall)

I chose Lord of Fire for my Archmage and I think this was a mistake. Life or Shadows would have been better either to boost my troops or knock his leadership or other stats down.

Matt got the first turn and cast Plague which I missed dispelling by 1. The spell then went on to reduce my Swordmasters, Spearmen and Sea Guard below half each. Panic tests abounded which I passed.

The scenario had a huge building in the middle of the table and we were tasked with having to capture the neutral and opponent table quarters after setting up on opposing quarters. The terrain left two channels of movement which Matt was able to fill with rats. My plans to refuse a flank and then hit his flank with the Swordmasters and Dragon Princes was out :-)

After the Plague swept through my ranks I really don’t think I had a chance. Perhaps with a different scenario but this one required me to push through his mass of troops and capture territory which I was no longer equipped to do. Instead I decided to try to hold out and push him out of one neutral table quarter to try to draw, or just to survive to turn 5 :-)

In a shockingly unsportsmanlike display Matt’s war engine and weapon teams showed a shocking inability to misfire or destroy his own troops. And his rats used the Steadfast rule to avoid having break tests at ridiculously improbably odds. :-) On the flank with my Swordmasters he deployed two 50 model units of Slaves deployed ten ranks deep to ensure that they remained a tarpit for as long as possible. It worked quite well as he used them to stop me from charging his Rat Ogres and kept my Dragon Princes and Swordmasters tied up for several turns. It was impressive to see just how many rats I was able to kill each turn but it was distressing to see him take unmodified Leadership tests with a BSB reroll.

My Archmage was not as useful as I would have liked. He did kill a lot of Skaven but I think in a game where you are outnumbered so wildly it is better to have at least one Mage handy who can buff your own troops. Especially High Elves.

A clear loss on my part, in the end, but still a fun game and I learned quite a few lessons. I need some Eagle to take out War Engines and I need to, once again, have some way to try to deal with Monsterous Creatures. The Phoenix Guard with their character would have been a useful addition and dealt with the Hellpit Abomination a lot easier with their 4+ Ward Save.