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I often find myself troubled when I buy from online retailers. I want to use my money to support local stores but often it is difficult to do so. Sometimes games are not available or available in limited amounts. It is sometime quite difficult to figures for some smaller games in Canada. They are either not available or they can take several months to get in stock. Often the simplest way to get new releases for games is to order from places like or Wayland Games.

Games Workshop is another matter. While it is not possible to get GW figures from the UK any more you can still get them from Between the lower US process for GW miniatures (wtf?) and the discount that they offer the price difference between the local price and the price from online retailers in the US is substantial.

So while I have been making efforts to pick up individual Finecast characters for my new Vampire Counts force I don’t know that it is really economically feasible to buy any large priced GW figures or boxed sets. Even with a rather hefty shipping fee I still saved $35 dollars on a small order of GW figures. What I would save on a large order makes it even more appealing.

It is a bit of a conundrum to say the least butnwhen I can save $14 on a GW army book by buying it online I find myself really unable to put all of my money into local sales. This particular situation has been a problem in Canada for some time and I continue to wonder why it is that local retailers don’t complain moreto GW about the impact that their differential prices make.



  1. I think complaining wouldn’t matter.
    Back when I ran a store, I would talk about this kind of stuff to my sales rep…he would just let out a big deep sigh. I’m betting GW feels the only solution is to heap shipping limitations (along the lines of what they did to the UK mail order companies) on to the USA stores. HOWEVER, Americans are coo-coo for civil lawsuits…and I’m betting GW is trying to figure out what they can do with their trade-sales agreements with the North American stores that’ll let them be draconian while still being able to skirt around the possibility of being taken to court–up to fifty times (once per state).
    GW made the switch from lead to pewter because they were taken to court back in the early nineties–they won hands down. But from what I remember at the time, they then backed down because they realised that 49 more states could then take them to court as well (GW won the case at a cost of $50,000 iirc….$50kx49 more law suits = not worth sticking with lead).

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