Dystopian Wars: Prussians v. FSA

Got a chance yesterday to head out and have a game of Dystopian Wars pitting my tan primed FSA fleet against Stad’s Prussians. We just used our Starter set figures as neither of us are really up to speed with the rules. As is a bad habit of mine, we ended up playing on a much smaller space that we really needed. We played four turns and then called the game once I managed to destroy his Battleship and left him with three frigates and his bombers.

The bombers were a lot more powerful than I would have thought but given the point cost of them they were certainly on par with frigates and cruisers. The impact of lost HP and criticals was very similar to Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada so there was no surprise there and the additional rules for Break tests and Command test actually didn’t have a lot of impact in the game. I’m not sure about that. It is nice that there is now some concept of squadrons not acting the way you want but it seems to be so infrequent that you could almost do without it. A few more games will give me a better idea of how it works though and I don’t want to jump to conclusions based on a single game.

As I expected, I like this game a lot more than Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada. There are a lot of additions to the game to give it a lot of flavour as well as more tactical options when playing.

We’ll be running some demo games at the end of Septmeber so I need to push to finish painting my two starter sets and also get in some more games to help me get a better grasp of the rules.